Analysing data on biodiversity and ecosystems, Cape Verde

05 Juin 2019 - 05 Juillet 2019

part of Ecosystem Dynamics

Chefs de mission / chiefs scientist


During this secondment in Cape Verde our work started by meeting Sónia Araújo at Direção Nacional do Ambiente (DNA) in Praia, alongside with colleague Anunciação Ventura from the University of Azores and Inês Machado from the University of Lisbon. This meeting allowed us to collect important data for work packages 2, 3 and 4.


São Vicente


In the island of São Vicente we had several meetings with our INDP partners (Alciany da Luz and Sandra Correia) to discuss further joint work and papers on the biodiversity and natural ecosystems of Cabo Verde and to review the data collected before, specially focusing on information for deliverable 2.1.


Tarrafal Monte de Trigo


We also went to Tarrafal Monte de Trigo, since it is a relevant area for marine ecosystems and biodiversity and were a Marine Spatial Planning case study will be developed under the framework of WP4. There we collected qualitative data on biodiversity and made a characterization of the existing ecosystems.


Interviews with NGOs


Together with Anunciação Ventura, from the University of Azores, we made several interviews with NGO stakeholders, targeting environmental and conservation issues, to evaluate their main goals and their involvement on maritime activities with relevance to MSP in Cape Verde. The NGOs interviewed were the following: Eco-Cv (Praia); Biosfera (Mindelo), Associação Ponta d’Pom (Mindelo), Associação Cruzinha (Santo Antão) and Projeto Vitó Porto Novo (Santa Antão). This work with NGOs and stakeholders is part of both work package 2 and work package 4.