Dynamic Slope Geomorphology and vulnerability in Nunavik, Canada

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Centre d'Etudes Nordiques, Université Laval, Québec, Canada

Financeur du programme

programme national
Institut Polaire Francais paul-Emil Victor - IPEV


Several of the villages and parks in Nunavik (northern Quebec, Canada) are located close to high reliefs where slope record frequent gravity
movements. In such setting, providing data regarding landforms, their dynamics and induced risk for a growing local population and even more
numerous tourists years after years within the parks are requested. The first objective of project DeSiGN is to improve the slope dynamic knowledge
over long-term and mid to short-term periods in a global warming context. The second objective is to characterize both hazard and vulnerability, to
define and quantify risk due to slope dynamics. To reach these objectives, we privilege a methodology based on field techniques offered by
geomorphology and stratigraphy, and lab analyses (dating, sedimentology, dendrochronology).


Coordinateurs: Armelle Decaulne