Sub-antarctic hot Environments of Kerguelen and Saint Paul: Microbial diversity and ExtraTerrestrial analogues.



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The geothermal habitats of the Southern and Antarctic regions are unique biodiversity sanctuaries in very remote polar environments, which are thus very little anthropized. The aim of this study is to carry out a first comprehensive inventory of bacterial, archaeal, viral, microeukaryotic and fungal communities of the geothermal habitats of the Kerguelen and St. Paul islands, which are part of the French Southern and Antarctic Lands, and to predict the functions and adaptations encoded in their metagenomes and expressed in their metatranscriptomes. Cultivation and isolation attempts will be made for taxa belonging to branches of life yet without cultured representatives, in order to study their physiology and adaptations. Finally, emphasis will also be placed on microbial populations in thermal mineral springs with silica or carbonate deposits as they represent a key to understanding the primitive life forms on Earth and may also provide valuable information on extraterrestrial life forms in analogue environments.


'Microbiologie, géochimie, géologie, géomicrobiologie