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LIFE ADVICLIM aims to improve local management of vineyards in the face of climate change. It will develop tools to measure and model both contributions to climate change and the impact of climate change. It will build on these to help identify the best responses to mitigate and adapt to the impact of climate change in vineyards.

The project will study the climate at the local scale, including analysing local climate variability within vineyards. It will develop and use climate models, taking account of both climate change simulations and local climate variability, and it will develop a software tool to help vineyard managers to measure their CO2 emissions.

Based on the emissions calculations and climate scenarios developed, the project will identify the most appropriate practices to be applied in order to adapt to and mitigate the impact of climate change. It will implement these practices in a group of six selected pilot sites, which are representative of climate diversity in vineyards in Europe, and provide a thorough analysis of the results.

To further promote the importance of local management of vineyards, the project will create a network of professionals from the sector and a web platform to facilitate exchange between them, and the dissemination of the project’s tools and models.

Expected results : Climate models for the very local scale in vineyards ; A software tool to help vineyard managers measure and reduce their CO2 emissions ; Implementation of mitigation and adaptation measures in pilot sites, achieving at least a 20% reduction in GHG emissions by the end of the project (at least 67.5 tonne of CO2 equivalent for the six pilot sites) ; A Best Practices Manual on adaptation and mitigation measures for vineyard owners ; A network of vineyard owners and a supporting web platform for information and exchange.


Coordinateurs: Hervé Quenol, Marie Grosset

  • Analyse spatiale dynamique par Simulation Multi-Agents, application à la viticulture en Anjou
    Rapport de stage action B1