Networking and knowledge sharing: a ZMT-UFPE exchange

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Chief scientist

Marion Glaser spent 32 days in Brazil, delivering talks including a webinar in four institutions (IFPA and UFPA, Braganca; Pará  NAEA, Belem, Pará,  and USP, Sao Paulo), she progressed with 2 publications with Brazilian co-authors in Recife, Tamandaré, Sao Paulo and Pará state, supervised a number two PhD candidates in Brazil (Ailton Pires de Lima and Josinaldo Reyes) and planned future work with candidates both at MSc and PhD level. She also took part in a week long Brazilian_German workshop on integrated multi-trophic aquaculture (Ilha Grande, Rio de Janeiro state). From this a project proposal to the EU is planned. During her stay, she was invited to return in April 2019 to teach at the Universidade de Sao Paulo (USP) and in November 2019 to give a field course in the Universidade Federál do Pará (Braganca).