Co-construction of spatial knowledge around a Marine protected Area, interviews of the stakeholders – February 2020

Interviews of the stakeholders
27 Février 2020 - 15 Mars 2020

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This secondment has been conducted with two major objectives:

  1. March 9-14. To work with C. Diatta, sociologist at UCAD, on the analysis of the interviews we have conducted during the first secondment of O. Ragueneau at UCAD in November/December 2019. We were exploring knowledge co-construction within a Marine Protected Area (Sangomar, delta of the Sine-Saloum) and the impacts of this co-construction on the sustainability of marine ressources and the well-being of communities. About 25 interviews have been conducted with women collecting shellfish and local authorities (MPA, fishing agent, local council for artisanal fisheries, natural resources management committee…). All interviews have been transcripted and analyzed, we are now launching the writing of a scientific publication on this topic, as well as the writing of a chapter of a book in preparation, together with Y. Thomas and S. Hervé (LEMAR) and M. Diouf (IUPA).
  2. March 1-8. Co-construct an extended programme of citizen science in the delta of the Sine-Saloum. Following the interviews mentioned above, the idea of extending the ongoing "Femme et Coquillages" participative project arose. We have conducted several discussions with local authorities and different stakeholders in Niodior to explore the feasibility of further involving women and boat conductors in an interannual programme to study the fishing activity and pressure on the ressource (Arche). Discussions are also taking place with the Niodior high school to involve the young generation in the monitoring of several environmental parameters (water quality, coastal erosion, rain, temperature…).