Atlas on marine and coastal environmental laws in Brazil (Part 1)

Atlas on marine and coastal environmental laws in Brazil. Part 1: State of the art of Marine Spatial Planning policies in the tropical Atlantic
08 Novembre 2017 - 01 Janvier 2018

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The first objective of this secondment was an in-depth review of existing MSP policies, legal and institutional frameworks, and governance arrangements in the tropical Atlantic, to generate a state-of-the art review. During this secondment in Brazil, the work concern the collection of related texts on Marine Spatial Planning in Brasil in Sao Paulo State.

 It also contributed to Task 3.3 on particular themes like access to justice in environmental matters and environmental impact assessment. These legal proceedings have been also studied in order to explore one of the legal preconditions for the implementation of MSP.

One of the main result achieved so far in this step, will be to examine how the project of law implementing MSP, now under discussion (Projeto de Lei n°..2013), involve the application of this environmental tools during the implementation of Marine Spatial Planning process.