PhD research activities: study on tuna behaviour using pop-up tags - August 2018

27 Aout 2018 - 26 Septembre 2018

part of Ecosystem Dynamics

Chefs de mission / chiefs scientist

My stay at IRD started on the 27th of August. I participated in the Tropical MSP summer school, where I did a brief description of my PhD theses in 3 minutes together with other PhD students from other countries. The participation to this workshop was very important to me because I benefited from the many lectures of different experts from all over the world. I am leaving with a broader knowledge and tools that I can make use in the future for my thesis. After the summer school I managed to contact Brest researchers to discuss over projects and training that me and my Institution can take advantage in the near future.

I also worked many hours in the library of IRD (Bibliothèque La Pérouse), where I have had access to bibliography and papers in my field of investigation: the study of tuna behaviour using pop-up tags to see how they behave on their habitat or if they are being affected by different marine features like for example the Oxygen Minimum Zone that exists in the Cabo Verde area.