Part 3: Theoretical and field course on mangrove ecology, Mangrove field sampling Brazil - February 2019

25 Janvier 2019 - 06 Avril 2019

part of Ecosystem Dynamics

Chefs de mission / chiefs scientist

- Networking with collaboration laboratories at UFPE ;

- Laboratorial arrangements (freeze drier – Laboratório de Bioquimica, UFPE);

- Participation to the workshop « MSP in tropical Atlantic: governance dynamics », at UFPE;

- Purchase of supplies and final arrangements for the field;

- Field work (prospection and sampling) in Jaguaripe (BA) and Tamandaré (PE);

- sampling water for particulate organic matter analyses;

- measuring of current velocities;

- sampling estuarine and mangrove sediment for DNA analyses;

- taking inundation measurements inside the mangrove forest.


- Post-field sample processing;

- Theoretical and field course offered to Oceanography undergrad students (as part of the tasks 3 and 4 of the work package 2).