Part 2 - GPS tracking and artisanal fisheries in Senegal - January 2018


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Chefs de mission / chiefs scientist

During this mission, we followed the project that will involve GPS tracking of artisanal fishery canoes in Dakar. At this stage, we now have 4 experimental communication/positioning device ready which were tested on land (successful communication until 14km). Two of these devices are adapted for fishing canoes.

            Finally, we helped a student from the University Cheikh Anta-Dip (Dakar) to write a PhD subject about questions related to positioning and communication of the artisanal fishing boats in Senegal. The student successfully got a PhD funding from the “Programme Doctoral International” from Sorbonne university (Paris) for the next 3 years, which will ensure a continuity for this research direction. This should provide interesting data for the theme 2.2 of PADDLE work package2 (“A data-based review of critical ecosystem dynamics”).