Data collect on local stakes, Cape Verde - June 2019

05 Juin 2019 - 05 Aout 2019

part of Ecosystem Dynamics

According to the PADDLE project objective of promoting inter and transdisciplinary collaboration, during our stay at Mindelo, we have contacted and interviewed the following social actors and institutions: the University of Cape Verde (Universidade de Cabo Verde); São Vicente Council (Câmara Municipal de São Vicente); tour operators; environmental groups; and the host institution INDP and associated OSCM.


We also gathered and expanded the working package 2 literature review focusing on Land Sea Interactions (LSI) approach and spatial planning of the study site, with particular attention to São Vicente island and the city of Mindelo, especially in regard to: (i) gully erosion and the risk of instability of the slopes; (ii) flood risk due to riverbanks occupation. These risks are associated with urban pressure on the coast and the illegal occupation of riverbanks, in part due to a weak compliance of municipal spatial plans.