Crab-microbe interactions on sediment processes in mangroves in Senegal

UCAD - Senegal

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Chief scientist

My works consist in studying senegaleese mangrove forest as they are poorly known and identifying how the fauna and flora cope facing a major threat which is the salinity. More precisely to study the interactions between macrofauna (crab and snails) and microbe communities on sediment processes according to salinity gradient and structure of forests in the Sine Saloum. What would happen if they are gone from the mangrove ecosystem caused either by the salinity or human impact. My project is part of the WP2.

During this secondment, I faced some issues regarding the permits to conduct field work in the Marine Protected Areas of the Sine Saloum and exportation permits to Germany. My colleague Guilherme Abuchahla and I have been running everywhere to get informations on how to get these permits, going to the ministery of the Environment, talking to different person including the minister itself thanks to my contacts, contacting people from the IRD, from the fisheries and aquaculture institute, the IUCN etc... So these two months I have been networking a lot, went on the field (Sine Saloum) to prospect for my 18 sites and test my equipement to prepare for next field work in May and June.