Collecting information on marine ecosystem functioning - July 2018

06 Juillet 2018 - 04 Aout 2018

part of Ecosystem Dynamics

Chefs de mission / chiefs scientist

The one month mission in Cabo Verde starting on 6th July 2018 was used to collect information on marine ecosystem functioning for WP2, in Maio, Boavista, São Vicente and Santa Anã ao islands.

Also, I met local stakeholders in order to locate, understand the organization and collect information for the development of an essential database for work package 2 main goals. I collect information on physical environment (batimetry; seabed geology; currents; salinity; SST; wave climate; wind speed), biological environment (productivity; biodiversity; habitats / biotopes; special ares, species and indicators) and human pressures (harbours and marine traffic; dredging areas; fisheries; marine litter; wasterwater; desalinization and tourism).