Environmental protection and tourism development: comparative approach Cape Verde/Brazil

IRD Brest
15 Juin 2019 - 10 Aout 2019

part of

Chefs de mission / chiefs scientist

After a first secondment which was used mainly for bibliogrpahy, this secondment allowed more specific research to be launched on the link between marine spatial planning and tourism developments. This research aims to compare the case of Boa Vista (cabo verde) with that of Fernando do Noronha (Brazil).

The idea is to establish a link between the sustainable development objectives facing tourism development in both islands, what types of tourism should be developed. The research consists of a descriptive and qualitative approach that relies on a data / bibliographic and documentary research.

After a review of the literature, we are writing the article which will be considered as part of one of the results of INDP’s participation to the PADDLE project.

During my stay, I also participated in IMBeR’s scientific conference: « The oceans of the future – The sustainability of oceans for the benefit of society: understanding, challenges and solutions », which took place in quarter during the days of June 17 to 21, 2019.

This conference is organized by the World Campus of the Sea, a network of marine science technology research centres and innovative companies in Brest, France, including the University of Brest (UBO) and the European Institute of Technology and Marine studies (IUEM).