Bibliographic research on fisheries economy

IRD, Brest
30 Septembre 2017 - 02 Novembre 2017

part of

Chefs de mission / chiefs scientist

During my stay in Brest, under the PADDLE project, I participated in the launch ceremony of the project, in the working group of scientific discussion and elaboration of the working methodology for the implementation of WP 4 "challenges and solutions for the tropical Atlantic", as well as working with project managers to discuss administrative matters, preparation of the mobility of technicians from the National Institute of Fisheries Development in Cape Verde (INDP), preparation of the filming work and the workshop to be carried out in Cabo Verde next February.

My research conducted in the project began by doing bibliographic research on fisheries economy studies, establish contacts with researchers, and attended an AMURE seminar to identify future work and cooperation fields with INDP and to promote the services of the new Oceanographic Center of Cape Verde in the waters of the Atlantic Ocean.

Several meetings were held to initiate research on spatial planning in Cape Verde and highlighted the difficulties in collecting scientific information.

I also gave a brief interview presenting the challenges that Cabo Verde faces in terms of marine space management and highlighting our interest and the importance that the PADDLE project will have for Cape Verde.