Martin Zimmer

Sébastien Hervé / UBO


Having been trained in soil ecology (Dipl. Biol. 1994 & Dr. rer. nat. 1998 @ Cologne University) and evolutionary ecology (postdoc 1998-1999 @ Düsseldorf University), Martin Zimmer shifted his research interest onto coastal and intertidal ecology (postdoc/Assistant Professor 2000-2009 @ Kiel University), focusing on biotic interactions, how they are driven by environmental conditions and how this translates into ecosystem processes (mostly decomposition). After an interlude as Group Leader of Terrestrial Ecology in a montane and alpine environment (2010-2014 @ Salzburg University), he currently leads the group of Mangrove Ecology at the Leibniz-Centre for Tropical Marine Research (Professor @ Bremen University) and works on the links between community structure, ecosystem processes and services, and sustainable use and management of tropical coastal systems (mostly mangroves).