Hilde Toonen

Wageningen University
Sébastien Hervé / UBO


Hilde is a research fellow and lecturer based at the Environmental Policy group, Wageningen University (the Netherlands). She holds a PhD in environmental sociology/anthropology. Her expertise is on marine governance and marine spatial planning, with particular focus on informational modes of decision-making, and processes of inclusion and exclusion. Her research interests include innovative arrangements in (re) organizing ocean sustainability. Hilde about PADDLE: “this project is designed to enhance mutual learning, allowing me to work with social science scholars from Senegal, Cape Verde, Brazil and various European countries. I have no doubt that our joint study on comparing political, legal and governance frameworks in MSP will greatly enrich my knowledge, both theoretically as empirically. I am as excited to work with natural scientists and stakeholders, because only by crossing boundaries in science, and between science and society, we can truly contribute to creating MSP policies and practices which are relevant, effective, inclusive, and sustainable”.