Mohamed Diedhiou
parliamentary assistant and PhD student

PhD Student
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Mohamed DIEDHIOU is a parliamentary assistant in environmental law and a PhD student in the Faculty of Legal and Political Sciences (FSJP) of Cheikh Anta Diop University in Dakar.

After his Master’s degree in Environmental Law, he joined the Laboratory for Studies and Research in Policies, Law on the Environment and Health (LEPRDES). His thesis focuses on the protection of the marine and coastal environment by the Abidjan Convention. This is why his research focuses on marine and coastal environmental law in Africa and the world.

He participated in a research project at the Marine Environmental Science Laboratory (LEMAR) of the European University Institute of the Sea (IUEM) within the framework of the H2020-Marie Curie-RISE project "Plan in a liquid world, tropical issues" .

The valorisation of this research project will allow to improve the results obtained from the results of research in law of the marine and coastal environment. He is co-author in a collective manual on the law of marine and coastal environment in Senegal. He also published an article entitled "Fighting Climate Change in Senegal: An Analysis of the Legal and Institutional Framework"; in Liaison Bulletin on Sustainable Development of Space francophone.

He also co-authored an article entitled "A first step towards the representation of nature before the Senegalese judge: recognition of damage to the marine environment" Vertigo - the e-journal in environmental sciences [ Online] Separate 22 September 2015.