Filipe Ceia



During my specialization in marine ecology I have focused on the study and conservation of marine organisms, and particularly seabirds, related with their feeding and foraging activity. I have gained analytical expertise in laboratory procedures, such as stable isotope analyses (SIA) and ecophysiological analyses. I am able to use advanced statistical methods and models applied to spatial (e.g. bio-logging) and trophic (e.g. SIA) data, essential to assess trophic relationships within marine environments and relate oceanographic features and environmental variables. Overall, I am interested in understanding how marine taxa from upper (e.g. seabirds) and mid-trophic levels (e.g. fish) respond to environmental stressors, global change, fisheries, and resources availability. More recently, I have also focused on chemical contamination (i.e. metals) and bioaccumulation issues as potential environmental stressors in marine organisms.