"Integrating Arctic Research - A Roadmap For The Future"

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Rapport (en fichier joint) de: third International Conference on Arctic Research Planning (ICARP III), "Integrating Arctic Research - A Roadmap For The Future"


- the overarching research priorities are on:

- une feuille de route sur recherche arctique, avec comme conclusion

"Emphasis should be placed on:

• New approaches, integrating scientifi c disciplines and bringing in local and regional rights holders and stakeholders in a knowledge-based dialogue through trans-disciplinarity;

• Co-designed, solutions-oriented science, informing policies, programs and initiatives that address major Arctic and global sustainability challenges;

• Comprehensive, high-quality observations of the rapidly changing Arctic.


- dates sur de futurs séminaires et colloques indiqués en fin de document (principalement pour 2024....)









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