SEDISOR is a newly created structure (May 2013) by Sidonie Révillon, researcher in fundamental and applied geochemistry. SEDISOR is hosted by the Ocean Domains Laboratory and relies for its activities on the Ocean Spectrometry Pole (PSO), the shared analytical center between IUEM and IFREMER.

SEDISOR offers analysis and expertise in element geochemistry and isotope geochemistry: concentration measurements at different levels (major, minor, trace and ultra-trace) on inorganic matrices; compositional measurements of radiogenic and metallic isotopes. SEDISOR’s offer is open to public and private research laboratories as well as to industrialists in mining and petroleum exploration, design offices or associations and local authorities.

The measurements and expertise carried out by SEDISOR make it possible to characterize and determine the origin of natural materials. These results are used for applied studies of source and origin of metal pollution in the environment or in the context of flood management programs.

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