Characteristics: The Ethos One microwave has 2 magnetrons of 800W each, allowing to deliver 1500W of power to the maximum. It is equipped with a SK-10 rotor for up to 10 teflon liners, one of which is used as a reference for temperature monitoring.

The control of the temperature as well as the power of the microwave allows an accurate and real-time monitoring of the dissolution reaction.

Applications: It allows easy and fast digestion of a large number of geological samples. This reaction takes place at high pressure and at high temperature (up to 240 – 250 ° C), thus facilitating the digestion of samples that are more difficult to attack.

In addition to geochemical applications, the digestion of samples by microwave can affect many areas of study: environment, biology, chemistry, agri-food …

Contacts: Marie-Laure Rouget – AI UMS 3113-IUEM