biological carbon pump

The analytical means available to the LGO are part of the Ocean Spectrometry (PSO) cluster which brings together a set of instruments jointly acquired by the University of Brest, Ifremer and the CNRS. This equipment is operated by engineers from IUEM, LGO and Ifremer.

Some of the instruments are installed on the premises of the LGO, on the IUEM website:
  •     An Element XR plasma source mass spectrometer, coupled to a laser ablation system     ICPMS Quad X Series 2 quadrupole mass spectrometer     
  • An ETHOS ONE microwave     
  • Thermo Electron TRITON thermo-ionization mass spectrometer (TI-MS)   
  • An ICP plasma source optical spectrometer AES - ULTIMA 2     
  • A class 10000 clean room
Another part of the instruments is installed on the Ifremer site:     
  • Neptune Plasma and Multi-Collection Mass Spectrometer     
  • An Element XR plasma source mass spectrometer     
  • Several class 10000 clean rooms
These high-performance analytical methods are used for the analysis of major and trace elements, and the analysis of certain isotopes in magmatic or sedimentary rocks. Other laboratories associated with the PSO also use them for the analysis of sea water, shells or otoliths of fish.