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L’équipe de recherche Coastal Dynamics de Bremen de l’institut MARUM nous rend visite les 2 et 3 octobre prochain. A cette occasion, un workshop est organisé par l’équipe DYNELI du LGO et l'équipe DYNECO-DHYSED de l’Ifremer.

Monday 2/10 (IUEM amphi D)

9h - 10h30 Three teams introductions
10h30-11h coffee break
11h - 11h30 Christian Winter Bedforms
11h30 - 12h Nicolas Le Dantec Dune steady state shape under turbulent unidirectional flow
12h - 12h30 Gaspard Minster Periodic saltation under extreme tidal currents: an experimental study
12h30 - 14h lunch
14h - 14h30 Brice Blossier Morphodynamics of embayed beaches
14h30 - 15h France Floc’h Equilibrium modeling of the Beach Profile on a Macrotidal Embayed Beach
15h - 15h30 Charles Caulet Wave setup and its links with environnemental parameters and beach dynamic
15h30 - 16h coffee break
16h - 16h30 Katja Laute Processes and mechanisms governing hard rock cliff erosion in western Brittany, France
16h30 - 17h Christopher Daly Measuring and modeling sediment fluxes in a rip-channel on a mesotidal intermediate barred beach (Sylt, Northern Germany)
17h- 17h30 Guillaume Dodet High-resolution nearshore wave modelling over complex rocky topography
19h restaurant in Brest

Tuesday 3/10 (Ifremer Salon de l’océan)

9h - 9h30 Renosh Pannimpullath Remanan (SHOM) Introducing machine learning in time series analysis of turbidity
9h30 - 10h Fabrice Lecornu and/or Mattias Jacquet Development of a measuring buoy with fast sensors replacement
10h - 10h30 Pierre Le Hir sensitivity of long term estuarine morphodynamics to physical and biological processes or forcing, using numerical modelling of schematic estuaries
10h30 - 11h coffee break
11h - 11h30 Markus Benninghoff Decadal evolution of Wadden Sea morphology
11h30 - 12h Gerald Herrling Large scale modelling of circulations and sediment transports at Wadden Sea tidal basins
12h - 13h30 lunch
13h30 - 14h Marius Becker Fluid mud dynamics in the Ems estuary
14h - 14h30 Florent Grasso Measuring and modelling sediment dynamics in the Seine estuary
14h30 - 15h Baptiste Mengual Assessment of the spatio-temporal variability of sediment fluxes on the French Atlantic continental shelf under the influence of natural and anthropogenic forcings
15h - 15h30 Romaric Verney and/or Marion Chapalain dynamics of fine suspended sediment, from their observation ( optic vs acoustic turbidity) to their modelling (including floculation)
15h30 Coffee break and discussion