Mastersize 2000 Laser Granulometer

The MASTERSIZER 2000, laser diffraction granulometer, allows a granulometric analysis of sediments taken in the field or on cores on very small quantity (1 g) and with a homogeneous analytical methodology of 2 mm to 0,2μm.

COBRA percussion core drilling system

COBRA percussion core drilling system

This device allows the coring of coherent sediments on land and on the foreshore. The diameter of the carrot is 5cm for 1m long. Allows the coring of unconsolidated loose sediments in undrained environments (peat, soft alters, vases), except for liquefiable sediments (sand and fine sand). The jackhammer weighs 25kg as well as the extractor.


Micro-onde ETHOS-ONE

  Characteristics: The Ethos One microwave has 2 magnetrons of 800W each, allowing to deliver 1500W of power to the maximum. It is equipped with a SK-10 rotor for up to 10 teflon liners, one of which is used as a reference for temperature monitoring. The control of the temperature as well as the power […]

biological carbon pump

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