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What is a Zone Atelier (ZA)?

The Zones Ateliers form a vast network of interdisciplinary research on the environment and anthroposystems in relation to societal issues of national interest. At present, eleven ZAs are operational, and an inter ZA network about the city is being created in association with the Baltimore urban LTER site.

One particularly interesting feature of the ZAs is the size of their study area, each of which covers a region. The ZAs study the interactions between an environment and all those who occupy and exploit it. Understanding these interactions requires a multidisciplinary approach, including, in particular, physical sciences, life sciences, human sciences and engineering sciences, in order to respond to specific issues concerning the area in question, that can be developed in cooperation with the managers involved. (Source: ZA network).

The ZA network, member of ILTER and LTER-Europe, is coordinated by INEE- CNRS.

Within the national network, ZABrI is the only Zone Atelier in a coastal area.