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The Iroise Sea


The ZABrI study area corresponds to the Iroise Marine Nature Park, and has a surface of 3,550 km². It extends from the island of Ouessant in the north, to the island of Sein in the south. Seawards, the boundary corresponds to the limit of the French territorial waters (12 nautical miles).

A rich environment

The Iroise Sea presents an almost exhaustive and representative range of coastal marine habitats of the typical Channel-Atlantic coast, from rocky and stony substrates to loose sediments, and it has a remarkable biodiversity, both intertidal and subtidal. Its particular geomorphological and hydrological location has generated an exceptional natural heritage which is characterized by a mosaic of habitats, including the largest field of algae in Europe (more than 10,000 ha), almost all fish species inventoried on the Atlantic and the English Channel coasts (over 120 species), and a quarter of the French population of marine mammals.

crapo_defSome flagship species, indicative of the biodiversity and productivity of the environment, such as the grey seal, the European otter, and the bottlenose dolphin, are present within this site.

This area is also home to a wide variety of activities: boating, fishing, seaweed harvesting, maritime transport, ...