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Scientific and social objectives


ZABrI aims to improve knowledge of the functioning and evolution of coastal social-ecological systems in a changing environment, within a perspective of integrated management.

Understanding these processes requires taking into account knowledge from a multitude of disciplines, from long-term observations on various spatial and temporal scales, and putting into place initiatives and tools to promote knowledge sharing.

To achieve this objective, ZABrI will promote true interdisciplinarity between natural sciences, social sciences and the humanities in order to increase knowledge of the functioning and evolution of this coastal social-ecological system, which we consider to be a privileged site since it is faced with a multitude of competing interests that need to be balanced (conservation, ecological state, spatial planning, uses, ...).

Because these issues have a significant social dimension to them, the project also includes conditions for the transfer of knowledge to non-scientists as well as for bringing together relevant knowledge from other sectors of society, and making it available. Stakeholder partnerships will be strengthened at all stages of the research process, e.g. by contributing to decision support. The implementation of the platform "Science and Society" (PERISCOPE), which is being developed at IUEM, will be of great value.