Stable Isotope Platform | IRMS

The Stable Isotope Platform is located at the European Institute for Marine Studies. It is a Ocean Spectrometry Pole (OSP) platform supported by UBO,  CNRS, Ifremer and IRD  which is a member of the National Network RéGEF of INSU-CNRS.

The platform main objectives are to support the PSO members laboratories research through their numerous projects, to carry out analyses for IUEM observatory and to participate to students training. Involvement in LabexMER and ISblue projects is also significant.

We also carry out services for our academic collaborators or private partners, do not hesitate to contact us for more information on this subject.

Platform coordinator: Rudolph Corvaisier

Equipment and analyses

The Stable Isotopes platform is equipped with 3 Thermo Fischer Scientific IRMS gas source mass spectrometers associated with different couplings:

Reservations and rates

Reservation for Analysis

Analytical schedules are established over periods of 4 months: from February to May / from June to September / from October to January. Requests must be returned no later than 10 days before the start of each period to be considered in the planning priorities. However, you can still make a request after this date, we will put it in the schedule as soon as there is availability.

For any request to book an analytical slot, please fill in this form and return it duly completed to this address.


AnalysisInternal price (OSP members)External academic priceExternal private price
13C et ∂15N  Organic matter7,00 €14,00 €Contact us
13C Inorganic dissolved7,00 €14,00 €Contact us
13C et ∂18O  Carbonates11,00 €22,00 €Contact us
13C acides gras
28,00 €56,00 €Contact us