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Expertise and Management of the Coastal Environment

The Expertise and Management of the Coastal Environment specialization of the Master’s degree in Ocean and Coastal Sciences has a dual professional and research vocation.

The professional objective of this Master’s degree course is to train future managers who are able to understand the issues inherent in coastal management, provide appropriate solutions to problems, and successfully find work within the relevant fields. This objective is achieved thanks to the significant participation by different actors and stakeholders in these fields, the organization of workshops and meetings with the socioeconomic players involved, and internships within companies.

From a scientific point of view, this course aims to train researchers capable of conducting transverse, possibly multidisciplinary, investigations into the management of coastal and marine areas, by promoting an integrated geographical approach. This includes providing answers to the questions raised by the specificities of this area with regard to, notably, environmental, energy, economic, and social challenges (Grenelle de la mer, vulnerability to flooding, marine renewable energy, pressure on the area, conflicts of use, spatial planning, etc.).

The Master’s degree relies heavily on the skills developed within the IUEM and especially the LETG-Brest GEOMER laboratory in the coastal and maritime field, notably in geomatics (GIS, remote sensing and modeling), dynamic geomorphology, the analysis of land uses, the study of coastal hazards, etc.

There is no dissociation between the professional and scientific objectives of the course, which are actually extremely complementary with regard to the issues inherent in the management of the coastal environment.


Who can apply?

Year 1 of the course is accessible to students who have successfully completed a three-year undergraduate degree (Licence) in Geography or Biology, or other similar degree (standard or professional) in relation to the issues dealt with on the Master’s course, as well as to professionals whose career path and prior work experience have been the subject of validation (Validation des acquis de l’expérience, VAE).

Year 2 is accessible to students from other courses (other Master’s degrees, engineering schools, etc.), or to people on vocational training or returning to education, after selection on the basis of their portfolio (early July).

In both Years 1 and 2, admission to the course is possible after examination of the applications by the competent jury. Examination of applications for the resumption of study or vocational training also involves an individual interview.

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