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Surface temperature in a forced-dissipated geostrophic turbulent flow 3D View of the East Pacific Ridge - PARISUB research cruise - ©IFREMER Roll-up of a vortex sheet SImulation of thermal convection in a highly viscous fluid, representing Earth's mantle

Marine Sciences / Physics

Masters in Marine Sciences / Physics

As of September 2012, our Master program is open to both french and non-french speaking applicants.


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  • We propose a common core of classes at the start of the first year (Master 1), then a choice of specialty (for the second semester of M1 and at the start of the second year):
    • Physics of the Ocean and Climate systems (POC)
    • Marine Geophysics (MG)
    • Naval Hydrodynamics (NH).


  • Courses are mostly in English, with exams in either French or English, as the student wishes. A B2 Level (according to any European certification) in English is required. Note that an important part of the courses for the Naval Hydrodynamics Specialty is in French, and therefore a B2 Level in French is also required for this specialty.


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