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Year 1

Semester 7

Issues and Challenges in Marine and Coastal Sciences

Expression Techniques and Documentary Research

Language Skills (English)

Introduction to Marine Chemistry

Chemical Speciation of Elements in the Marine Environment (Spéciation CHimique des Eléments dans le milieu MArin, SCHEMA)

Processing and Analysis of Scientific Data (Traitement et analyse de l’information scientifique, TRAFIC)


Optional course units (choice of one) :

Coordination Chemistry

Organic Synthesis

Laboratory Chemical Analysis Techniques (Techniques d’Analyse en Laboratoire de Chimie, TALC)

Semester 8

Introduction to the World of Work

Job Finding Skills

Language Skills (English)

Physical Oceanography

Chemistry of Ecosystems

Biogeochemistry and Ecology of Polar Environments

Optional course units (choice of one) :


Natural Substances

Organometallic Chemistry


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