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Population Responses to Stress in Coastal Areas

Head of the Module Dario MORAGA (Associate Professor, UBO)
Type Optional
Number of hours 32

Dario Moraga (UBO), Laurent Chauvaud (CNRS), Jacques Grall (UBO), Jean Laroche (UBO), Vianney Pichereau (UBO).

Aims The objective of the course is based on the biology of organisms and present the major fields of their responses and those of their populations to stress in a variable environment.
Course content

Stressors (temperature, hypoxia/eutrophication, acidification, pollution). Impact of stress in organisms. Gene expression and regulation of the response. Changes in energy allocation to vital functions. Alterations in fitness components (survival, growth, reproduction...)

Impact on populations. Selection pressures related to multi-stress. Research on genotype/phenotype coupling. Differential fitness between genotypes. Long-term consequences on populations. Potential alterations to genetic diversity and/or population decline. Alteration in the quality of coastal ecosystems.