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Management of Exploited Resources

Head of the Module Raymond LAE (Research Director IRD)
Type Compulsory
Number of hours 32

Raymond Laë (IRD), Claude Roy (IRD), Anne Lebourges (IRD), Martial Laurans (Ifremer), Louis Quiniou (IRD), Anne Lorrain (IRD), Didier Gascuel (Agrocampus Ouest), Olivier Le Pape (Agrocampus Ouest), Luis Tito de Morais (IRD).

Learning outcomes To train the students not following the AEH specialty in Rennes in the management of exploited marine living resources, taking into account integrated coastal management by the ecosystem approach to fisheries.
Aims Teaching will focus on a comprehensive approach to the exploitation of marine living resources, taking into account the traditional approaches to fisheries using global, structural and stock recruitment models, the role of the environment in the process of reproduction and, for the short-cycle species, the development of new tools (biological indicators, Marine Protected Areas) to improve upon the strict control on fisheries to place these activities within the wider framework of an ecosystem approach to fisheries.
Course content
  • Introduction to the ecosystem approach to fisheries.
  • Relationships between climate and fisheries in marine ecosystems.
  • Direct stock assessment by acoustic techniques.
  • Relationships between resources and fisheries.
  • Trophic interactions.
  • Species and multispecies approaches to inventory management; global, analytical and stock/recruitment models.
  • Essential habitats: the importance of nurseries.
  • Biological indicators of exploitation and Marine Protected Areas.