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Living Resources and Environment

Head of the Module Erwan AR GALL (Associate Professor, UBO)
Type Optional
Number of hours 48
Learning outcomes
Integrated learning about exploited living resources in coastal and ocean environments as part of a general approach to the marine environment

A broad approach will be taken to the exploitation of marine living resources to provide a clear comprehensive view, with an emphasis on:

  • The ever increasing influence of man, from fishing and gathering to intensive aquaculture
  • The consideration of ecology and dynamics of plant and animal populations in the context of sensible management of their exploitation
  • The role of data on the biology of exploited species in their management in aquaculture production
  • The interactions between aquaculture and the environment
Course content
  • Use of living marine resources by man
  • Ecology of exploited populations (fishing pressure and biological traits / climate change)
  • Dynamics of exploited populations
  • Control of aquaculture production
  • Interactions between aquaculture and the environment
Teaching methods Lectures and practicals, presentations requiring strong involvement from the students

Pérez, R. 1997. Ces algues qui nous entourent. Editions Ifremer. 272 pp.