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Biogeochemistry and Ecology of Polar Environments

Head of the Module Christina DE LA ROCHA ( Professor, UBO)

Compulsory in Marine Chemistry 1

Optional in Marine Biology 1

Number of hours 48
Learning outcomes This course will give students the foundation for understanding issues related to polar environments, including the roles played by the Antarctic and Southern Ocean in the climate system. It will take an approach that is both multidisciplinary (Law, Geosciences, Physical Oceanography, Ecology, Biogeochemistry) and international, drawing on the network of the International Antarctic Institute.
Course content
  • Multidisciplinary Introduction: Law, Geosciences, Physical Oceanography, Ecology and Biogeochemistry
  • Special lectures on Polar Ecology and Biogeochemistry (given by invited international lecturers)
  • TUTORIALS/PRACTICALS: projects on today’s challenges involving polar environments (poster and oral presentations...)
Teaching methods Multidisciplinary lectures + invited specialists talks + poster preparation