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Head of the Module Jacques CLAVIER (Professor, UBO)
Type Optional
Number of hours 48
Learning outcomes Recent concepts around the notion of biodiversity will be leant, presented both from a general point of view and as applied to the marine environment.
Aims Students will be taught the theoretical concepts behind the three components of biodiversity: genetic diversity, specific diversity and natural systems. A more concrete and practical approach will then be used to assess diversity from documents (tutorials) or collected field data (practical work).
Course content
  • Main definitions
  • The scales of diversity: concepts of evolutionary biogeography
  • The concepts of the relationships between biodiversity and ecosystem functioning
  • The uses and management of biodiversity
  • Genetic basis of population-diversity: genetic diversity and its transfer from individuals to populations; selective biotic and abiotic forces affecting genetic diversity; human impact on natural environment and genetic erosion
Teaching methods Lectures + document analysis tutorials + practical work on field trip data