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  • The first year internship (minimum one month) is optional (see course list).
  • The second year internship (minimum three months) is mandatory.

The student’s own active investment in their search for an internship, especially during the second year, is itself a key element of the training. The internship should be envisaged as work experience and as the first steps in a career path. The choice of a host venue for the internship must be consistent with their objective.

Following the first year Master’s internship, a report is written, which is followed by a viva, held in the presence of the internship supervisor when possible.

The second year internship leads to the writing of a “vocational” dissertation or a research thesis depending on the chosen diploma specialty.

An internship is subject to an agreement being passed between the UBO and the host organization.

  • A form is available on the UBO website. This must be completed online, and 3 copies then printed and submitted to all parties involved (student, supervisor and UBO President) for signature.
  • Some host organizations require the validation of their own convention. In this case, 3 copies of each convention will be necessary.