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The first year dissertation

  • This dissertation is the outcome of research work on a chosen legal topic in the student’s field of interest, in agreement with a dissertation director.
  • The dissertation takes the form of a 30 to 50 page book.
  • Dissertation methodology is taught during semester 7.

Note: it is important to start working on the dissertation early in the year in order to be ready for submission during the first exam session. Indeed, the exam system does not allow marks from subjects that have been passed in a given module to be carried over to the next exam session if the first is failed. Thus, if the dissertation is not passed, all subjects must be taken again in the second exam session.

The second year dissertation

It is related to the internship (see “internships”)

The vocational dissertation

  • This dissertation addresses a specific legal issue jointly defined, when possible, by the dissertation director and the internship supervisor.
  • Real issues of direct interest to the host organization are preferred as dissertation topics.
  • The dissertation (about sixty pages long, excluding appendices and bibliography) will follow university style and legal methodology standards.
  • If applicable (i.e. on supervisor request), work may also lead to the drafting of a legal consultation (a document less strict or formal in style)

Research paper

The aim is to produce a research paper on a chosen topic of interest to the student, in accordance with the student’s dissertation director, which will comply with current guidelines and standards. Whatever the type of dissertation chosen, the student must show an ability to carry out legal research work.