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Career Prospects

Doctoral Studies

  • Every year, about half of the graduates from this Master’s degree course decide to pursue doctoral studies, with theses in geodynamics, geophysics, petrogeochemistry and sedimentology, on the subjects of magmatic, volcanic, tectonic or sedimentary phenomena, rifts, continental margins, chains, ridges, intraplate areas, etc.
  • The other half seek work directly with design and consulting firms, in industry (oil, mining, etc.), or for local authorities.

Professional Fields

Graduates are qualified to work in the field of basic and applied research in the oil, mining and environment sectors. They are employed as geologists, geologist-topographers, geophysicists, geochemists, petrologists, or sedimentologists.

  • Higher education in Earth and Space Sciences.
  • Public research organizations (Ifremer, CNRS, IRD, etc.).
  • State Civil Service.
  • Local authorities.
  • Design and consulting firms.
  • Professional organizations and private companies.
  • Engineering schools.
  • Mining, oil and parapetrolic industries.
  • Hydrogeology.
  • Applied geophysics and site studies (before installation of works or submarine cables).


Training Support


  • Academic partners: IUEM (other specializations of the Master’s degree) – Universities of Nantes and Rennes 1 – Institut Polytechnique LaSalle Beauvais.
  • Public research institutions: Ifremer, heavily involved in the course, both financially for some of the first year modules, as well as from an educational point of view thanks to the participation of many members of the Marine Geoscience Department and the offer of internships – EPSHOM, the Naval Hydrographic and Oceanographic Service (Geodesy-Geophysics Department) – BRGM, France’s reference public institution for Earth Science applications (Brest and Rennes offices) – IRENav Brest, the Research Institute of the French Naval Academy.
  • Industrial partners: TOTAL – Denain Anzin Minéraux – Pôle analytique des Eaux de Brest – Carrières Lagadec – Groupe Basalte (aggregates) – Laboratoire des Ponts et Chaussées in Saint-Brieuc (part of the Departmental Facilities Directorate).
  • Socio-economic partners: Local (General Councils of the Morbihan and the Côtes d’Armor) and regional authorities.
  • International partners: Purdue University, Indiana, USA (Earth and Atmospheric Sciences Department), and the other 15 European universities members of the Mercator network (Socrates programme): Aarhus, Bangor, Barcelona, Bergen, Bologna, Galway, Ghent, Greifswald, Helsinki, Kiel, Padua, Patras, Utrecht, Vigo, and Villefranche-sur-Mer.
  • Training support through software tools provided free of charge:

IHS Kingdom seismic interpretation software

Apprenticeship Tax

  • Each year, we appeal to our partners for the apprenticeship tax that greatly helps us finance and improve the course.

ROME (French job directory) codes

  • F1105 - Geological Surveys
  • F1203 - Management and Operations Engineering of Oilfields, Gasfields and Quarries
  • K2402 - Research in Space Sciences, Materials Sciences and Life Sciences