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Morgane Mercelle

Following a Licence in Biology and Geology at the University of Brest, I was admitted to the first year of the Master in Expertise and Management of the Coastal Environment in 2009. What I particularly liked about this degree course was its multidisciplinary and professional aspects.

The first year, more theoretical, allowed me to further my knowledge of coastal biology and ecology and to acquire new knowledge in geography, cartography, economics, law, etc. A three-month internship also allowed me to develop my skills in the field of Geographic Information Systems, or GIS.

The second year of the course, and notably the professional workshops and round tables that were organized, allowed me to put into practice the knowledge acquired during my first year by directly positioning myself as a “service provider”. I then carried out my Year 2 internship with the Armorica Regional Nature Park, or PNRA, on the theme of ecological continuity (also called the “Green and Blue Infrastructure”). The aim of this internship was to carry out a literature review on ecological continuity in order to identify the existing mapping methods, compare them, and propose a method that would apply to the territory covered by the PNRA. This internship proved to be a particularly valuable experience in that it allowed me to discover a whole new subject for me at the time and to approach it from several aspects: from bibliographic research to cartography, not forgetting meetings with different environmental stakeholders and managers.

Following this internship, I was hired for 15 months by GIP Bretagne Environnement (Regional Biodiversity and Natural Heritage Observatory) to contribute to the development of the Regional Ecological Coherence Scheme (Schéma Régional de Cohérence Écologique, SRCE, the regional Green and Blue Infrastructure), notably the methodology and mapping of the biodiversity reservoirs and ecological corridors covered by the Scheme. My job consists, in part, in collecting and processing the data necessary for mapping these areas. I work a lot with GIS, but I also participate in numerous meetings and consultations with stakeholders and actors. It is very comprehensive and rewarding work. Currently I am still working for GIP Bretagne Environnement as my contract was renewed for another year, until 2014.