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Internships :

The course includes two compulsory internships: the first of a duration of two to five months in Year 1, and the second of a duration of four to six months in Year 2. All internships are subject to the signing of an agreement between the student, the host structure, and the UBO. They are also subject to a written assessment by the tutor within the host structure and by the university tutor(s).


Organization of the internships

The Year 1 and Year 2 internships are supervised by the tutor from the host structure with which the student has signed an internship agreement. The tutor is responsible for supervising the student throughout the duration of the internship. The university tutor is one of the Faculty members teaching the Master’s degree course, chosen by the student. The university tutor’s role is to oversee the internship and to act as point of contact for the host structure. Depending on the subject of the internship, it may be necessary to appoint a second university tutor.


Examples of host structures offering internships

The offer of internships emanates from government agencies, local authorities, associations, and the private sector. This offer changes from one year to the next depending on the economic situation. A few years ago, the proposed internships mainly concerned the management of natural areas. Today they focus on wider issues of land use management and renewable energies related to the sea and the wind.

The companies and organizations offering internships to students are varied. Here are some examples: Agency for Marine Protected Areas – Iroise Marine Nature Park – Seine Normandie Water Agency – Séné Marsh Natural Reserve – IPEV – Île de Ré Bird Protection League – IRD – Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Saint-Brieuc – French Coastal Protection Agency – Syndicat Ouest Communautaire de Cornouaille – DIREN Aquitaine and Basse-Normandie (Regional Environment Directorate) – IFEN – Act Ouest – Bretagne Vivante – SEPNB – Finistère Association of Rural Mayors – DDE Finistère (Departmental Facilities Directorate) – Baie d’Aiguillon Nature Reserve – Astérie – TBM (Design and consulting firm) – CEPPOL (Centre of Practical Expertise in Pollution Response) – National Association for the Management of Marine Protected Areas – Instituut voor Natuur – Vendée Departmental Fire and Rescue Service – Nautisme en Finistère – BCEOM – Fédération Internationale du Banc d’Arguin (international federation of the Banc d’Arguin National Park, Mauritania).


Internships abroad or in French Overseas Departments and Territories

Students regularly carry out their internships abroad or in French Overseas Departments and Territories. The search for these internships is done in close collaboration with Faculty staff teaching the Master’s degree course. This international openness allows the construction of a network of exchanges between students, researchers and professionals. Over the past four years, 35 internships have been carried out abroad or in Overseas Departments and Territories (approximately 20% of the total number of internships).

Here are a few of the exotic destinations where former students have carried out internships: St. Barths’ Marine Reserve – Regional Office of the Ministry of the Environment, Punta Arenas (Chile) – Réunion Island Marine Nature Reserve – Institute of Marine Research, Arendal (Norway), Davidson Environmental Ltd (New Zealand), etc.