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Expertise and Management of the Coastal Environment


Year 1

Year 2

Assessment and Evaluation Methods

The methods used to assess and evaluate the knowledge acquired by the students during the Master in Expertise and Management of the Coastal Environment are consistent with the UBO’s Code of Assessment and apply the principles of semester and annual compensation and capitalization of modules.

Assessment methods vary from one module to another. Most take the form of written evaluations of a duration of two to four hours. Some involve written projects with or without an oral presentation, while others take the form of presentations in the classroom or in the field. Finally, some specific modules are subject to a rating on a speech given at a conference or round table, or lessons taught by the students.

There is no examination period. Continuous assessments (written or oral) are carried out within two weeks following completion of each module. This time (one or two weeks) allows the students to carry out all necessary revisions and possibly further their knowledge of the subject(s) concerned. The assessment of collective work takes the form of written projects submitted within the time allotted to the module in question, or on the date set by the Head of the module. This work may also involve an oral presentation.

If necessary, a second examination period is scheduled at the end of the semester after the jury’s deliberations.

See also the section dedicated to the Master in Expertise and Management of the Coastal Environment in the UBO Training Catalog.