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Webinaire LGO/GM de Yoann COPARD (M2C, Université de Caen)

La matière organique comme traceur de l’érosion continentale


Conceptual view of various particulate organic carbon (POC) sources in a catchment (from the Bleone river system, upstream Digne les Bains, Alpes de Haute Provence, France). POCa: aquatic POC as the autochthonous POC for the river system. POCp (petrogenic POC), POCs (soil POC), POCrw (reworked POC), both considered as allochtonous and
respectively originating from: outcropping rocks, soils, superficial formations. The two colour codes for POCrwcorrespond to POC older (grey) and younger (sepia) than 60 ky BP. Red  circle corresponds to a theoretical coring site and POC is the sedimentary POC. From Copard et al., submitted (picture from Goolge earth).