Training courses linked to the LGO

Bachelor Science Technology Health (STS)

Mention Earth Sciences

The term Earth Sciences of the STS License relies heavily on the LGO and its multi-disciplinarity (structural geology, geochemistry, geophysics, paleontology, petrology, sedimentology).

All courses in Earth Sciences are conducted by LGO faculty and particularly in their specialty.

It offers three courses


Mention Marine Physics (Marine Sciences)

This SML domain training is international in scope. Teachings are in English since 2013.

The Master 1 is open to students with a bachelor’s degree in general physics, mathematics, or geophysics, or any other equivalent course. No prerequisites in Earth Sciences are required.

This Master is in co-accreditation with ENSTA-Bretagne. ENSTAB 3rd year engineering students can follow the double course Hydrography Oceanography and Master Marine Physics.

Only the Marine Geophysics course of this mention leans on the LGO.


 Master’s degree in Marine Sciences, Marine Geophysics course

Master of Science of the Sea and Littoral (SML)

Mention Science of the Earth and the Planets, Environment (STPE)

This training in the SML domain is backed by the Ocean Geosciences Laboratory, under the supervision of the University of Western Brittany (UBO) but also by the University of Southern Brittany (UBS), CNRS and Ifremer.

It offers two courses:


  •  MSc degree, course Geosciences Ocean (GO), mainly based on the site of Brest (UBO) and Plouzané (European University Institute of the Sea (IUEM))
  •  MSc degree, course in Engineering and Management of Coastal and Coastal Resources (IGRECL) based on the Vannes site (UBS)

The advantages: Numerous national and international land and sea sites, Ifremer stakeholders, links with companies, an EU floating university for the Geosciences Ocean course (long mission on an oceanographic boat) on file and privileged managers, active participation in the life of the laboratory (seminars, etc …).

Doctorate: Doctoral School of Marine and Littoral Sciences (EDSML)

As part of the EDSML, the LGO welcomes each year 5 to 6 new doctoral students, to which 2 to 3 PhD students are added in the framework of international collaborations.

These doctoral theses are funded by:


  • scholarships from the Ministry of National Education (MEN), awarded to the EDSML 
  • grants from local authorities,
  • Ifremer fellowships in the context of collaborative programs,
  • industrial fellowships under specific programs,
  • European scholarships (students from the European community),
  • or scholarships from foreign governments (foreign students).

Link to theses in progress at LGO


LGO faculty members also participate in other courses such as:


  •  Professional Bachelor’s degree in Landscape Planning, specialization Project Coordinator: natural heritage and coastal landscapes
  • Specialized Master Expert in Renewable Marine Energies (EMR) with ENSTA
  • Bachelor’s degree in Physics, Chemistry, Physics