The Ocean Geosciences Laboratory

The LGO is a multi-approach geoscience laboratory covering geophysics, geochemistry, tectonics, sedimentology and paleontology. Our research involves observing, measuring and modeling processes. We carry out methodological and instrumental developments applied to the exploration of the oceans, from telluric coats to the superficial envelopes of coastal and offshore areas.


The research is centered around the study of the genesis and evolution of oceanic domains, and the multidisciplinary approach of exchanges and coupling to interfaces, from the surface of the Earth to the asthenosphere.

This work is organized around four thematic teams studying geodynamic processes in the marine domain, characterized by different scales of observation and time scales.

The teams are backed by two transversal poles in charge of theoretical, analytical, methodological and instrumental developments and the coordination of research and observation missions.


Research training is provided by doctoral students of the Graduate School of Marine Sciences (EDSM) and by the Geosciences Brest and Marine Physics mentions of the Master of Sciences of the Sea and Littoral of the European University Institute of the Sea ( IUEM).

And observation

As part of the Observatory of Sciences of the Universe (OSU-IUEM), the Geosciences Ocean laboratory participates in national observation services in the marine and terrestrial domains, in particular in Brittany.