Séminaire de Andreina Garcia (Institut de physique du globe de Paris)

Structure, age and origin of the Caribbean Plate from marine magnetic anomalies


Uncertainties remain regarding the presence of lineated magnetic anomalies in most of the Caribbean plate, leading several authors to affirm it is impossible to identify magnetic anomalies there. Our recent compilation of marine magnetic anomalies allows us to interpret magnetic anomalies in two large parts of the Caribbean plate, namely the Colombia and Venezuela basins, from which we propose a model for the origin and age of the Caribbean plate and the CLIP. Our
observations and synthetic magnetic models argue in favor of a Pacific origin of the Colombia Basin, formed 70-91 million years ago, and the Venezuela Basin formed 91-108 million years ago. The two basins would have formed at ridge axis separating the plates Pacific and Farallón. Our results suggest that the CLIP created at the same time as the Caribbean plate.