MAPPEM Geophysics SAS was created in January 2015 by Pascal Tarits (LGO professor) and Jean-François D’Eu (formerly CNRS research engineer at the LGO), his current leader.

The MAPPEM Geophysics SAS offering is focused on the implementation of the MAPPEM instrument, an innovative marine geophysical imaging tool, invented by the founders. This patented instrument is unique on the market, and makes it possible to restore images of the structures of the subsoil by modeling the electrical resistivity of the subsoil. The MAPPEM Geophysics offer covers the organization of the measurement campaign, up to the modeling and the restitution of the data. Based on the results obtained with the MAPPEM system developed since the end of 2009, we can now answer questions about the geological nature of basements, in addition to or instead of conventional techniques, especially when they are inoperative (presence of reflectors or seismic masks, shallow water depth, etc.), up to more than 50m penetration. MAPPEM Geophysics also showed the relevance of these methods for locating objects such as cables or pipelines and developed instruments dedicated to the evaluation of passive, towed or bottom electromagnetic fields. MAPPEM Geophysics also offers a research and development service for the design and development of specific measurement tools in the marine environment.

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