Analytical Center

The understanding of littoral and oceanic processes, at small and large time scales, requires the development and implementation of original analytical methods and techniques in petrology, geochemistry, sedimentology and paleontology. In the Ocean Geosciences Laboratory, these approaches are grouped in the coherent framework of the Analytical Center. This transdisciplinary tool gives the members of each research team the means to have effective analytical tools adapted to the realization of their scientific projects.

The Analytical Center of the LGO comprises 3 axes:

Petrology and geochemistry: this axis relies, in part, on the instrumental park in geochemistry of the Ocean Spectrometry Pole (UBO, CNRS, Ifremer, IRD) including clean rooms, mass spectrometers and optical spectrometer; and on the laboratory's own resources: a workshop for making thin sections and optical microscopy systems.

Sedimentology: the LGO shares with the LETG, at the IUEM level, its sampling and analysis equipment in sedimentology.

Palaeontology, Palynology-Micropaleontology: this axis is based on the analytical means, installed in 2017 in the IUEM building D, implemented within the Palynology-Micropaleontology platform of the laboratory for the treatment of sedimentary rock samples and the extraction of microfossils.