The company IMAGIR sarl was created in February 2010 by two geophysical researchers from the LGO, specialized in electromagnetic methods; Sophie Hautot (manager of the company) and Pascal Tarits (part-time scientific advisor).

Our main activity is 3D magnetotelluric for basement imaging. As a whole, electromagnetic techniques complement the seismic techniques traditionally more widespread in the exploration of oil, gas, mining, geothermal or hydrogeological resources. This complement is particularly useful in complex areas, disrupted by tectonic accidents or in the presence of special structures such as basaltic screens or salt domes.

IMAGIR offers an innovative service activity to the natural resource exploration industries (oil, gas, mining, geothermal) and research organizations. We offer our expertise in acquiring, analyzing and interpreting magnetotelluric sounding data, both onshore and offshore, to provide our customers with a three-dimensional image of the sub-surface structure, which can be interpreted in geological terms. We also offer our services for the research and development of new geophysical interpretation tools applied to oil, mining and geothermal exploration.

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